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Mike Shuh at the CFFA
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Washington Post Article
June 8, 2007
"Put Up a Fight --  
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Baby Boomers!
Stay true to your Fitness Resolutions.
Get Fighting Fit with Combattitude!

Fellow Baby Boomer, in your quest to stay fit have you looked into a
martial arts or boxing based fitness program? Have you passed
on the idea because of any of reasons listed in the profiles below?

I've watched some of the Cardio Kickboxing type classes at my
gym and they're too fast for me. I'd never be able to
keep up with the music, and the instructor.

-Interested- Age 48

I like the martial arts and I hate the treadmill! Most mainstream
martial arts schools I've checked out are full of kids flying
through the air doing amazing triple spin possum kicks and
whatnot. It looks like fun, but at 49+ that's definitely
not what I'm looking for. I’d like something fun,
but a little more practical for someone my age.

-Interested- Age 49+

I like watching MMA, but that kind of training includes a great
deal of contact. I don't mind saying that I'm not looking
to get hurt. Especially since my recovery time from injuries isn't
what it used to be. Plus, I've got a job where I can't go into a
board meeting with a black eye, or a fat lip.

-Interested- Age 45

I like the martial arts for the fitness and self defense skills that
come with it, but I'm not into all the bowing or having someone
scream at me like a drill sergeant. I figure what the heck, I'm
grown. I've had enough discipline to make it this far in life
without a problem. I just want to be more fit and learn
something without all the testosterone.

-Interested- Age 51

I'm a former Black Belt... We'll, I guess I'm still a Black Belt. It's
been quite a few years since I've trained. I want to get back into
the arts, but I want to do something different this time
around. I'm not really all that interested in sparring, but I do
want to sharpen up my skills, and maybe expand my
knowledge to include some weapons training.

-Interested- Age 53

I'm not really into fighting, but I like action movies. When you
watch the "Behind the Scenes" footage on the DVDs
you see the actors training to perform the fight scenes.
As I watch, I'm always thinking that I could do that.
It looks like a challenge, like fun, and I
think it would be a blast to be able to move like that!

-Interested- Age 42

Did you identify with anything in the profiles? Do you have any
of the same concerns or wishes? Well, if you answered yes,
I'd like to introduce you to another option.

Welcome to Combattitude®
The Absolute Next Step in Fighting Fitness!