Currently not being offered.
Ages for Combattitude are 13 and up.

Please check back as the status of this
class may change in the near future.
Combattitude for ages 8 - 12 (class time: 45 min)

A fun & engaging Combattitude class with kids in mind.

Kids are taught "The 32" and many of the same techniques the adult program teaches.
Added are some more tradition martial arts  (Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu)
techniques/sets to help strengthen the young mind and body.

Excellent in helping to develop better attention span, self esteem,
responsibility, self control, leadership skills, & skills in working with others.

This class also includes
"Pathway to Padawans"
(kid's lightsaber training)
gatherings at no extra charge.

Class size will be limited to 20 to 30 participants. Reserve you spot today!