Equipment needed for Combattitude...
A pair of 12 ounce Boxing Gloves and
Hand Wraps. These items can be picked
up at most sporting good stores
now-a-days (Dick's, Sports Authority, etc.)
We do recommend that you have your
own gear. We will have some extra gloves
and wraps on hand for you to use if
needed in the begining.

Combattitude Classes
The Bronze  
Amateur Level – Beginner
Bronzed Glove Combatant

The Bronze class is designed for everyone new to training at the CFFA.  This  is
where you learn Basic Fist and Punching Techniques, Basic Feeding Techniques,
Fighting Postures, Foot Movement and how to communicate in the language of

Great Cardiovascular and Skills Training – 1 hour

The Silver
Semi-Pro Level – Intermediate
Silver Gloved Combatant

Prerequisite – The Bronze

The Sliver class teaches Distancing Skills, Slipping, Blocking, and Parrying
Techniques, Drawing Skills, Fighting Rhythms, Pushing Techniques, and Quick
Return Techniques (QRTs). It is also in this level most people get their first feelings
of FLOW.  

Great Cardiovascular and Skills training – 1 hour

The Gold
Pro Level – Advanced
Gold Gloved Combatant

Prerequisite – The Silver

The Gold class teaches Kicking Techniques, Hand and Foot Combinations, Spinning
Techniques, Leg Check Techniques, Momentum and Anti-Momentum Skills, and the
development of nonstop FLOW.

Great Cardiovascular  and Skills Training -1 hour
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