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If you love the saber, we'd love for you to join us.
of the Revolution
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from December, 3 2008
C.L.A.N.S. stands for
Clans, Legions, Aliens, Nobles,  &
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CosKumite/Namae Kata  
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As of April 2010, we officially
closed the CFFA (Combattitude
Fighting Fitness Academy) and
became the NEW CFFA! We are
now the
Combattitude Fighting
Fitness Alliance!
Within this new
metamorphasis, we will be
spreading out and sharing the fun
in the form of CFFA Circles. As
these Circles form, we will post the
locations here & at

So, check back for a CFFA Circle
forming near you, or contact us
here if you are interested in
becoming a Circle Leader and
starting a Circle with your friends.
We'll come out, get you started
with the basics, and have a blast!

New training locations coming soon!
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NEWS! FOX 5's Holly Morris comes to play with C.O.T.R.
Live Broadcast from March 13, 2009
CosKumite™ The Art of Cosplay Combat

Created by Chuck Jeffreys, a Professional Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, &
Martial Artist/Instructor (
IMDB Listing) CosKumite teaches safe and creative
mock/staged combat (open hand & weapons) to people who participate in various
Costume and Cosplay events & conventions (Anime, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pirate,
LARP, Fantasy, etc).

It's also an excellent workout & great for those who just want to do it for the FUN
of it! No Convention Experience Necessary

The techniques taught as the foundation of CosKumite are from various styles of
traditional and eclectic martial arts. Those techniques are then tailored into creative
fight choreography to fit the various individuals, characters, and weapons.  

C.L.A.N.S. of the Revolution, an off-shoot of CosKumite

When we first started CosKumite classes we had so many people show up with light
sabers that we decided to start a separate group to accommodate.
C.L.A.N.S. of the Revolution was born. The areas first lightsaber dueling/choreo
group. And although it's mainly about that glowing blade of cinematic fame it's not
confined to any specific characters or mythos within it. That's all your choice.

Classes are not held in costume, but some members do participate in costume and
cosplay events. There they may dress as various characters from TV, Movies,
Anime, & Pop Culture while carrying a saber as a prop.  Many characters simply
come from the creative minds of the participants.

Then there are those who are more specific in costume. We have had members of
The 501st Legion's Maryland Old Line Garrison (The Fighting 501st), the The Rebel
Legion Terrapin Base, and other saber groups training with us in the past. These
groups support various charity events and openings as well as appear at
conventions. They carry the saber in a whole other light and we're proud to work
with them.

The bottom line is, if you're into something and want to add saber skills to it, or
if you just want to learn to safely swing a saber for the fun & fitness of it...
C.L.A.N.S. of the Revolution is the place for you.